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CAST.IRON - TWA Objections

We need you to do one very important thing before 2nd April. Please object to Cambridgeshire County Council's application to destroy our railway line to build a concrete guided busway. We are convinced that we can defeat their daft scheme (a similar one in Luton has just been abandoned), but we need your help NOW.

FAQs about objecting to the guided busway TWA.

Write a letter

Please write a letter of objection urgently.

Letters should be headed "Cambridgeshire Guided Bus Scheme, Transport and Works Act Application" and sent to:

Secretary of State for Transport
Department for Transport
TWA Orders Unit, Zone 3/11
Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street

Write an email

You can also object by email. Emails sent to will count as valid objections, and attachments (such as Word documents) will be accepted.


Letters and emails must be received at the Department of Transport by 2nd April.

We need to show that the busway offers little benefits for 100m, and bus services on existing roads could be improved for much less. The railway line is needed for regional and national travel, not just for local bus journeys, especially since Stansted Airport is growing from 59 million to 72M passengers per year, and Alconbury railfreight distribution centre, near the end of our line, has been authorised.

More information to help you write an objection.

What Next?

You will get a response from them within about 10 days. You will be asked if you would like to appear at a public inquiry. You must reply within 2 weeks saying yes, otherwise you will be deemed to have said no. Please say YES. This is very important.

There is no obligation upon you to do anything by saying yes. It means that they will write to you again: you will be kept informed and may get invited to speak at the public inquiry. If this happens you can always turn it down. There's no cost to you.

If you get invited to present your case in public, then please contact CAST.IRON executives.

We can appear as your representative if you so wish. Or we will help you with your case if you wish.

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