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CAST.IRON - Objecting to the Guided Bus TWA

The best way for you to object to the TWA is to compose your own objection letter. This will carry the most weight. To this end, we have put together lots of information to help you compose your TWA objection letter:

Spot the Difference! pdf (318 KB)
A quick overview of some of the issues.

Railway or Guided Bus? Have Your Say Now pdf (752 KB)
An in-depth analysis of problems with the Guided Bus scheme.

It is vital that you state in the introduction that you wish to object to the scheme or that you oppose the scheme. Otherwise, a remark such as "Guided bus would not be as good as rail" could be read as "I approve of the guided busway, though it would not be as good as rail."

For those of you who are pressed for time, however, we have also produced an example objection letter as a Word document which you can download. If you have time, please edit it to select the points you think are most important and then send it off to the address at the top. Otherwise you could simply print it out, tick your grounds for objecting to the guided bus and send it off to the address at the top.

TWA Objections - Word document

More detailed - Word document

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